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In a unique food truck

There are few barriers to entry into the food truck industry, and by investing in an attractive, customised and fully functional vending truck, food van or commercial manufactured food trailer, half your work is done!

REASON #1  – There are plenty of opportunities
According to research, Australia’s food and wine industry is worth billions of dollars, with takeaway businesses a significant contributor to this figure. There are an estimated 400 food trucks currently operating throughout the country, and there’s space for many more.

REASON #2 – You can go to the people
As long as you travel in your council area or are licensed across states, your Unique Food Truck will never have to languish empty if a sports event, concert or festival is taking place somewhere else. You can travel to your market, instead of waiting around for them to come to you. If you don’t think this makes a difference, consider the fact that last year, a Sydney light festival attracted 2.33 million visitors!

REASON #3 – People want affordable, healthy food
The number of Australians who can afford to dine out regularly in upmarket restaurants has increased, with fast food chains and pubs receiving more business. Food trucks are uniquely positioned to provide food that’s affordable, but not as processed as mass-produced fast food.

REASON #4 – You can go it alone
It’s hard to find quality hospitality staff and, with the Fair Work Commission reducing Sunday penalty rates, there’s less motivation than ever for staff to work on weekends, when demand is highest. With a food truck, all that’s required is for you to have a qualified and trained Food Safety Supervisor on staff if you’re operating in states such as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

REASON # 5 – It’s fun!
What other food service business enables you to serve college students one day and a bridal reception the next? With a food truck, you can specialise in Italian cuisine one month and Indian the next, without spending an arm and a leg to implement the changes. You can enjoy more freedom than you’ve ever imagined, all thanks to the right food truck.

Unique Food Trucks

Unique Food Trucks JUNE 18, 2018

We specialise in building custom Food Trucks and Commercial manufactured Food Trailers